Maximum coverage 1125 sq. ft. Price match guarantee.



Recommended for asthma, allergies and indoor air pollution.
Includes V5-Cell™ gas and odor filter.

The IQAir HealthPro has received more top reviews and awards than any other air purifier. It is the #1 choice for asthma and allergy sufferers. At the heart of this revolutionary system is the exclusive IQAir HyperHEPA filtration technology. A dense network of nano-fibers effectively traps particles of all sizes. That includes viruses, pet dander, dust mites, other allergens and even cigarette smoke.


Sophisticated Controls
Easy-to-program controls help you cut energy costs and extend filter life.


EvenFlow™ Diffuser
320-degree air delivery means more air is delivered in more directions, so there is minimal sound and no drafts.


New Edition Fan
The new three-dimensionally optimized design now uses state-of-the-art aerodynamics to convert energy into more air and less noise.


V5-Cell™ Advanced Gas & Odor Control
The two-stage V5-Cell gas and odor filter uses dual media to filter a wider spectrum of volatile organic compounds (the cause of odors) and other harmful chemical vapors. Granular activated carbon adsorption and pelletized chemisorption work together to go beyond conventional activated carbon filters found in ordinary air purifiers.


HyperHEPA® Filter
The unequaled IQAir HyperHEPA filter eliminates fine and ultrafine particles, including bacteria, viruses and highway exhaust particles. The clean air is then expelled through the EvenFlow™ diffuser and distributed throughout the room.


PreMax™ Pre-Filter
The PreMax pre-filter eliminates coarse and fine particles such as pollen, pet dander and mold spores.


3D UltraSeal™
Patented triple-sealing technology uses knifeedge-in-groove design to eliminate leakage and ensure that all the air is passed through the HealthPro system.



General Specifications
Power requirements - 100-120 V, 50/60 Hz
Energy consumption, 6 fan speeds* - 27, 53, 92, 121, 154, 215 Watt; Standby: <1 Watt
Dimensions - H 28″ x W 15″ x D 16″ (H 71 x W 38 x D 41 cm)
Weight, system incl. filters - 35 lbs. (16 kg)
Air delivery, incl. filters, 6 fan speeds* - 40, 75, 130, 170, 200, 300 cfm (70, 130, 220, 290, 340, 510 m³/h)
Sound pressure/power level, 6 fan speeds** - LP 25, 36, 44, 50, 54, 59 dB(A); LW 35, 46, 54, 60, 64, 69 dB(A)
Fan motor - centrifugal, backward curved, with thermal protector, non-stop use approved
Control panel - 4-key touch-pad with 16 character 2-line LCD display
Air intake - dual arches at base of system
Air outlet - 320° EvenFlow™ diffuser
Color of main housing / locking arms - light gray / white
Housing material - non-offgasing, impact-resistant, UV-stabilized ABS
Operating temperature / humidity - 41° to 104° F (5° to 40°C) / 5% to 95% non-condensing
Electrical safety certification - CSA rated for continuous operation under applicable UL and CSA standards, BSMI

Total system efficiency (certified) - ≥ 99.97% for particles ≥ 0.3 microns (individually tested), ≥ 99.5% at ≥ 0.003 microns
Air delivery (certified) - yes (individually tested with all filters installed)
Leak tested - yes
EN 1822 classification - HyperHEPA® class H13 – MPPS efficiency: ≥ 99.95% @ 0.22 microns at airflow rate ≤ 112 cfm (190 m³/h)
HyperHEPA® class H12 – MPPS efficiency: ≥ 99.50% @ 0.16 microns at airflow rate ≤ 280 cfm (475 m³/h)


Filter Configuration
Pre-filter - PreMax™ Filter F8 (S)
Purpose: control of coarse and fine particulate matter; protection of subsequent filters
Media: non-woven glass microfiber, mini-pleated for high-capacity, non-offgasing separators
Efficiency: ≥ 55% at ≥ 0.3 microns (EN 779 class F8)
Surface area: 30 sq.ft. (2.8 m²)***
Average filter life: approx. 18 months (based on average daily usage of 10h on speed 3)****
Gas & odor filter - V5-Cell™ Filter MG
Purpose: control of a wide range of chemical contaminants and odors
Media: MultiGas™ granulated activated carbon & impregnated activated alumina (AC/4 + IA/4)
Weight: 5 lbs. (2.5 kg)***
Average filter life: approx. 2 years (based on average daily usage of 10h on speed 3)****
Main particle filter - HyperHEPA® Filter H12/13 (L)
Purpose: control of fine & ultra-fine particulate matter
Media: non-woven glass microfiber, medical-grade HyperHEPA® filter, non-offgasing separators
Efficiency: ≥ 99.97% at ≥ 0.3 microns (EN 1822 class H12/13)
Surface area: 53 sq. ft. (5.0 m²)***
Average filter life: approx. 4 years (based on average daily usage of 10h on speed 3)****
* per fan speed measured at 120V, 60Hz; tolerance: ± 10% (± 6 cfm); ** tolerance: ± 3 dB(A); *** tolerance: ± 10% **** filter life can vary based on actual usage and pollution levels

IQ Air HealthPro Plus New Edition Air Purifier


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