Available in both 6 and 10 quart models 
Patented Aircomfort harness technology reducing wearer perspiration by up to 25% over closed-back systems 
Five unique harness adjustments for an individualized, secure, and cool fit 
A four-level filtration system including a HEPA filter cartridge, contributing to improved indoor air quality (IAQ) 
Superior 69.5 dB rating for whisper-quiet operation 
Light weight and ergonomic 
110” water lift 
110 CFM 
Complete set of tools and double-bend wand come standard.

Tornado PacVac 6 Back Pack Vacuum

  • Call 1-773-348-4500 to speak with a commercial vacuum expert that will assist you in choosing the right equipment and maintence plan for your business application.  Multi-unit volume discounts are available.  


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