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Since 1983, we’ve been a neighborhood vacuum cleaner and small appliance dealer serving Chicago’s Lincoln Park and suburban Oak Park. Through word-of-mouth and a primary focus on serving customer needs, we’ve become a leader in the Chicago market by providing friendly, personal service and expert advice to help you choose not just the best product, but the best product for your needs.




Juan Canchola

We'd love for you to meet Juan Canchola, the new owner of CityHome Vacuum!  After more than 15 years of dedicated service as our Service Manager, we are very happy to announce that our tradition of great products and outstanding service will be continued by one of our very own. Stop in to our Lincoln Park location to meet Juan and say Congratulations!”


Eddy is just your standard, everyday goth-metal-pierced- and tattooed vacuum repair tech. Come in on a Monday and I guarantee you’ll detect the eyeliner and black nail polish left over from the weekend. But do not be fooled for a second by his imposing look! This is the one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. And he knows vacuums inside and out. Ask for Eddy and you’ll be in good hands as he deftly guides you to the perfect vacuum, just don’t let him to tell you a joke. Eddy tells the absolute worst jokes and his dark humor will haunt you forever.

Mr. Michael Wall

Mike Wall has been with us, even before us.  He has worked here in sales and repair for 25 years. He specializes in selling Miele and repairing Oreck vacuums. His main job however is to keep all of us laughing and in a good mood.  It is virtually impossible to have Mike wait on you and not leave the store smiling.   I don’t think it has ever happened.  He’s semi-retired now so catch him on the weekends.



Disclaimer: Our website is in the process of being redone so we apologize for the inconveience but are excited for you to see our new website.  Please contact your local Cityhome Vacuum to confirm pricing and availability. Until the site is 100% complete, we cannot guarantee or honor any incorrect pricing that may be listed on the site. We will try to have the final site proofed by August 1, 2019. Thank you so much for understanding.