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  • Why is the Miele vacuum such a popular brand?
    Despite doing almost no mass-market advertising, Miele vacuums have continued to grow in popularity over the years simply because of the quality of the product. Miele’s large and dedicated U.S. fanbase has developed primarily through word-of-mouth recommendations and reviews from satisfied owners. Though not the most well-known brand, generations of consumers who began buying Miele in the '80s have become loyal devotees, purchasing multiple vacuums and recommending them enthusiastically to family and friends. With a lifespan of 20 years and unmatched performance, Miele vacuums are a premier choice.
  • What’s the difference between Miele vacuums and Dyson vacuums?
    There are many differences between the two brands. Dyson only offers rechargeable, bagless stick vacuums and bagless upright vacuums. Miele offers a much wider range of vacuums, including both bagged and bagless canister styles, as well as rechargeable stick handhelds and robot vacuums. Manufacturing: Dyson vacuum components are manufactured in various countries. They're made in Malaysia and headquartered in Singapore. All Miele vacuums (except the C1 Compact) are manufactured and assembled in Germany by the family-owned Miele company. Miele is very proud of its commitment to sustainability through vertically integrated parts production. This means that the manufacturer controls the in-house production of the majority of parts, resulting in higher quality parts and repair support over the machine's lifetime. Miele targets continual part availability for 15 years after a model has been discontinued, with many common parts usually available for a total of up to 30 years. This means you can buy a Miele vacuum and repair it, if necessary, for up to 30 years! Performance: Because of their hyper-clean, bagged dust collection system, users are better protected against exposure to allergens with a Miele bagged canister vacuum. Superior performance is achieved through Miele’s more powerful DC motors and specialized floor tools. Additionally, Miele offers five different types of modular carpet attachments so customers can customize the vacuum to meet their needs without causing damage to high-quality rugs and carpets. Miele also makes several different tools for hardwood and uses solid rubber wheels on all floor attachments to safeguard against scratching on hard surfaces. Quality, Durability, and Longevity: Virgin ABS plastics, ultra-thick vinyl hoses, stainless steel wands, and solid metal motors components are just some of the high-quality parts Miele uses that you will not find on most vacuum cleaners. Miele claims to build their vacuums for 20 years of use and in our experience, that is a normal, “real-world” replacement cycle of the product. Compare this to the average vacuum lifespan of two to five years and it becomes clear how high-quality Miele products are.
  • How much should I spend on a high-quality vacuum?
    Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend much more than a regular vacuum. German-made, basic SEBO and Miele vacuums are available starting at $399. These models can last for over 20 years. Most quality vacuums range from about $500 to $1,000. It may sound like a lot if you’ve been buying vacuums in the $150 to $300 range, but just consider how many of those you have bought in the last three to 10 years. There are a lot of inexpensive vacuums dumped in landfills every day. For economic and ecological betterment, buy a better vacuum! It’s more beneficial to buy even the most basic model from the best brand than to buy a cheaply made vacuum with a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles.
  • Are warranties important when it comes to a vacuum or is it a waste of money?
    With proper care, a good vacuum should only need a few repairs, so buying an extended warranty makes little sense. It's more important to prioritize maintenance, as it is the key to keeping your vacuum running flawlessly for many years. A vacuum is an unusual appliance. It isn’t like a washing machine or refrigerator, where you just fix or replace it when it breaks. A vacuum is like a car; it requires maintenance to keep it running properly. Filters need to be changed, excess debris in hoses needs to be removed, buildup in rotating parts must be cleaned and lubricated periodically, and worn belts sometimes need to be changed. When it comes to keeping your vacuum in good condition, where you buy is just as important as what brand you choose. Much like when you're buying a car, it’s best to buy your vacuum from the local dealership that you’ll be using for service and maintenance. Your local store operates as the service center for all the brands they carry. They will be well versed in the particulars of each model and will go above and beyond providing service for an item that was purchased from them. Free cleanings, comped minor repairs, and discounted parts and labor are regularly done for local customers to extend the maximum life of your purchase. Give us a call or visit our showrooms to learn more about Miele vacuums!
  • What kind of vacuum is best for hardwood floors?
    Vacuuming hardwood floors is easy. Vacuuming them without scratching is not. The absolute best way to vacuum hardwood floors is to use a canister vacuum that is light enough to carry and has a natural bristle floor brush with no wheels. Every other method of vacuum will make micro-scratches on the floor. You may not see them immediately, but you will notice the wearing of the finish over time. Here are the other types of vacuums that are notorious for scratching hardwood and tile: • Canister vacuums with rubber wheels • Canister vacuums with nylon bristle floor brushes • Lightweight upright vacuums with rubber wheels • Full-sized upright vacuums with rubber wheels and brush shut-off • Full-sized upright vacuums with plastic wheels and no brush shut-off The spinning nylon brushes are very abrasive and the weight of the vacuum applies 10-20 pounds of pressure onto the hard plastic wheels, making dirt and grit act like sandpaper on the finish of your flooring. If you care about preserving the look and value of your wood and tile, avoid all forms of this type of vacuum no matter what the brand is. Turn to CityHome Vacuums & More to learn about our selection of SEBO, Riccar, Filter Queen, and Miele vacuums!
  • What kind of vacuum is best if you have dogs and a lot of dog hair everywhere?
    This really depends on what kind of flooring you have and what kind of hair it is. Short hair (under two inches) is not usually an issue as long as you buy a vacuum with a motorized carpet brush for carpets or area rugs. On the other hand, long pet hair (or human hair) is a problem for most vacuums. They might work fine at first, but then the hair gets matted in the plastic brush components and damages the plastic housing. Some brands are better than others, but regular maintenance is key for anyone battling long hair. SEBO and Miele vacuums are uniquely suited for long hair. They have pull-out brushes with metal bearing end caps to protect them from melting down, making them virtually indestructible and super easy to clean. Because of their rugged build quality and 10-year warranty, we highly recommend the SEBO brand any time hair is an issue in the home.
  • What kind of service do you provide compared to a big box retailer?
    Expertise and aftercare are the key benefits of shopping with us. It may surprise you to know that most vacuum sales average about 30 minutes or more. Oftentimes, people are unsure about which brand or model would best meet their needs. We take the time to have a conversation about your home, flooring, pets, and any physical needs. This ensures that you get the perfect vacuum with the right features for you and your home. We also stand behind every vacuum we sell with our 30-day, no-penalty return policy and comprehensive maintenance program. Whether you spend $200 or $2,000, every vacuum we sell qualifies for our free annual 20-Point Tune-Up. In addition, pro-rated discounts on replacement parts and accessories, extended warranties, and priority courtesy services (like blockage removal and belt changes) are all free when you purchase your vacuum with us. Combined with our same-day delivery options and 90-day price guarantee, there is every reason to buy locally from CityHome. Give us a call or stop by one of our showrooms to browse our selection of SEBO, Riccar, Filter Queen, and Miele vacuums!
  • Do you sell new vacuums?
    Yes! Sales are a large part of our business. We carry over a dozen different residential and commercial brands with more than 100 models in stock for same-day pickup or delivery. We also have displays of all the SEBO, Riccar, Filter Queen, and Miele vacuums we sell in our Lincoln Park and Oak Park showrooms. Feel free to test out a wide range of styles and models on different kinds of carpets and hard flooring. According to One Desk, 40-50 million vacuums are sold every year in the United States. If you find yourself in need of a new high-quality vacuum, turn to CityHome Vacuums & More for a product that matches your needs!
  • Do I need to drop off my vacuum or can it be picked up for me?
    You can drop off a vacuum for repair at our Lincoln Park or Oak Park locations anytime. No appointment is necessary. Repair pickup is available within a specified area of our Lincoln Park store only. Same-day delivery of new vacuum purchases is available within a five-mile radius of our Lincoln Park and Oak Park locations. Please call us at (773) 348-4500 to schedule delivery or repair pickup time for our SEBO, Riccar, Filter Queen, and Miele vacuums.
  • When is it time to get a new vacuum?
    In our over 30 years of selling and repairing vacuums, we've generally found that it depends on the circumstances. Many times, what seems like a major problem may just be a basic service or repair job that will save you hundreds of dollars. In other cases, even a small issue may not warrant a repair on an inexpensive vacuum. Other times, big-box brands discontinue parts availability within a few years, making a repair impossible. Before you make the decision to discard an old vacuum, we invite you to bring it in. You’ll receive an expert diagnosis and assessment of your repair or replacement options. Estimates and assessments are absolutely free and take only a few minutes. Our friendly advisors can answer all your questions. Should your vacuum not be worth repairing, we’ll provide a $50 trade-in voucher for you to use whenever you decide to purchase a vacuum from us. Whether it's SEBO or Miele vacuums you need, CityHome Vacuums & More has what you need. Give us a call or stop by our Oak Park or Lincoln Park showroom today!

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