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Is It Time for a New Vacuum Cleaner?

Do you have carpets anywhere in your home? The only way to properly clean them is with a vacuum. What if your once beautiful carpets are no longer getting as clean as they used to be? You may need a new home vacuum system. Here are the signs to alert you. Let's take a look for more information!


A vacuum cleaner that can no longer do its job is pretty worthless. According to One Desk, a vacuum cleaner typically collects about 80% of the dirt and debris it takes up. However, you may notice that its suction ability has declined, leaving behind even more dirt and dust than before. If the vacuum bag or filter isn't clogged, your home vacuum system may simply be decreasing due to age or other issues.


A loud vacuum is nothing new, especially since they're often known for scaring your poor dog. However, there's a difference between the typical suction sound of a vacuum versus sounds suggesting that parts may be loose. Make note if your vacuum is vibrating heavily or rattling when in use. It may have a worn-out brush coil or other loose parts that require repairs. If it's too far gone, repairs may not be economically sound as it may just be better to upgrade to a newer model.

Repair Costs

Speaking of repair costs, some companies can also repair vacuums, in addition to supplying new ones. That's where you have to weigh the cost of repair versus replacement. If your vacuum is an older model, the cost for repair may be equal to or even more than the cost of buying a new one.


Even the best vacuum brands don't last forever. After a while, you may have to start making costly repairs. As mentioned, if those repair costs are equal to buying a new one, it's better to get a new one knowing you have a vacuum at the beginning of its life cycle.

Look at our team's product supply for a home vacuum system that can keep your floors beautiful and clean. We supply vacuums from a range of brands and offer repair services. Contact us today at CityHome Vacuums & More, so we can help you show off your carpets and preserve their lifespan.

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