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  • High suction power – 1,200 W
  • Universally applicable – floorhead with metal soleplate 
  • Adjustable working height – Stainless steel telescopic wand
  • Effortless vacuuming of large areas w/ 29.5 ft operating radius 



  • Upholstery tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting brush with nylon bristles
  • Classic Combination floor tool SBD 285-3
  • STB 205 turbo brush
  • AirClean Filter



Construction type

Canister vacuum cleaners with FilterBag™ - Yes

Product line - Compact C1

Motor type - PowerLine

Product type - SCAE0


Control panel

Electronic suction power setting - 6-stage rotary selector

Ergonomic carrying handle - Yes

Ergonomic handle - Yes

Telescopic suction wand - Stainless steel telescopic tube

Park system for vacuuming breaks - Yes

Park system for storage - One side

Efficiency and sustainability

Nominal power consumption in W - 1,100



Castor wheels gentle on floors - Yes

Three-point maneuverability - Yes


Filter system

Type of FilterBag™ - AirClean 3D Efficiency FJM

FilterBag™ volume in l - 3.5FilterBag™

Change indicator - Yes

Exhaust filter - AirClean filter

Motor protection filter - Yes

SafetyLocking system for floor head and handle - Yes

Automatic FilterBag positioning -Yes


Performance data

Max. power in W - 1,200


Standard accessories

Three-piece accessory set on the Vario clip

Upholstery tool - Yes

Crevice tool -Yes

Dusting brush with synthetic bristles - Yes

Classic Combination floor tool SBD 285-3 - Yes

STB 205 turbo brush - Yes

Filter - AirClean filter

Miele Compact C1 HomeCare PowerLine - SCAE0



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